W2 Foundation Dalcroze Scholarship

W2 Foundation have the pleasure of supporting a scholarship for talented musician, Diane Daly, both for her Doctorate and her Dalcroze training method which ensures a gifted teacher has the opportunity to bring music and joy to many people who could never hope to experience it. This is a grant that will keep on giving and we will see a social benefit for years to come.

The inclusive approach to Dalcroze, unfettered by technicalities, means it is uniquely effective in engaging those marginalised by conventional music tuition, whether by disability, social inclusion or even just a lack of previous opportunity to express themselves through music. By the vert fact it is based on experiencing and felling first it touches at the heart rather than the head. That’s what music education should be.

The Dalcroze method makes music making fun, creative, spontaneous, sociable and most importantly engages the whole body, mind and emotion. Everyone should have access to music education like this. At the moment there are no trained Dalcroze teachers in Ireland. Diane is working to change this.